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Thursday, January 06, 2005

podcast: Poem at Dawn

This is my first podcast -- a poem written in Okinawa entitled Poem at Dawn.
Poem At Dawn Podcast (Play)


wet carpet of petals
rain-inflected morning
alarm at dawn
indicating impending sweat
a constriction of lungs
anticipation of contact
feet on wet concrete
sidewalks marred by fallen leaves
the occasional branch
sadness inverted
engendered nothingness
the taste of your lips
salt, sweet, seaweed
many-ways unforgettable
how you came to me
light blinding power, or
two small rabbits
Japanese ceramics
one black, one white
yin-yang flow
what seemed oppositional
was not at all
the circuits enabled
gorgeous and sundry gifts
your beauty

--- susan smith nash
-- November 25, 2004

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