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Sunday, August 24, 2008

New and Notable Web-based Tools, Services, Information Sources

MetaTeam: Team Performance Management. has a very simple, streamlined interface for project management that also incorporates customer relationship management (CRM). It also allows "one-stop shopping" for multiple teams, tasks, and team members. The interface is straightforward, and the approach intuitive, which means there is very little lost start-up time. The free version has unlimited teams, members, and projects. The corporate version (very reasonable at $298) allows dictionaries, email alerts, and more.

Zoho CRM: Customer Relationship Management.
Up to use Zoho's amazingly powerful and flexible web-based CRM tool for free. One of the most attractive features is that you can import spreadsheet data using Zoho CRM's import wizard, and it will automatically populate fields. It has built-in planning tools that allow one to create projections for potential revenue, and to track performance. You can classify leads by specific campaign and also make projections and forecasts.

Sesame Street:
Parents will be thrilled to see another safe site for their children. With flash videos and interactive instructions, the level is perfect for young children just learning how to use a computer. There numerous activities, which include interactive story-telling, follow-along reading, games, and videos. he site offers over 400 mini-games and 3000 Sesame Street videos, and parents can browse a large variety of helpful parenting articles.One can save playlists, and interact. The familiarity of the Sesame Street brand and ethos will appeal to those who feel very comfortable with the safe, trusted, and literacy-based brand.

IntoDit: Wiki and Learning Tool.
Finally, a flexible wiki that allows users to drag and drop content, including text, graphics, and video. Intodit is a free service where people can create groups for their interests the Wiki way. Users can share their interests by building pages or starting discussions for their Wiki groups. An example of the wiki in action is the Death In Venice use of It's quite flexible and useful - definitely a quantum leap advance over the early, clunky wikis.

This is a very easy-to-use tool that allows trainers to set up individual lessons and training. It allows one to incorporate video, text, and chat. It does not have, it appears, assessment or quiz functions. It has a great deal of potential for its clarity of presentation and ease of use. One feature that makes it unique is the ability to keep track of people and relationships.

OEDb's Funding Sources for Research:
OEDb continues with strong leadership in providing very useful information for online institutions, educators, administrators, students, and technologists. I bookmarked this immediately. 100+ Places to Find Funding For Your Research is a very useful list, and saves hours combing through the web, or working one's possibly outdated printed directories.

Your English Success:
This is a unique approach to writing and communication courses. The focus is on multicultural communication when the lingua franca is English. It's practical and pragmatic. Recommended.

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