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Friday, May 22, 2015

Evald Flisar, Slovenian Dragons, and a Reading at the Library of Congress

Slovenian author Evald Flisar will be giving a series of readings and talks, including one on June 23, in the U.S. Library of Congress.  The event starts at 12 noon at the European Division Reading Room, LJ-250, 2nd Floor, Thomas Jefferson Building.  Flisar will be responding to questions and will discuss the importance of literature in today's world.

Slovenia, the land of caves, castles, dragon bridges, mountains, and fascinating literature and culture will be in the spotlight in the weeks surrounding their day of Independence.

Evald Flisar, president of Slovenian PEN, whose works have been translated and performed in more than 40 languages, was recently featured in a special display at the Slovenian National Library.

Evald Flisar Retrospective in the Slovenian National Library. 

 For more information about Flisar's work published in English, please visit Texture Press (

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