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Monday, May 18, 2015

Ruben Dario Should Be In Every Survey / Anthology of Poetry

Rubén Darío’s (1867-1916) work spanned many years, and it contains very distinct themes. One of the most popular deals with the sense of the ineffable, the impossibility of explaining the human condition. In many ways, his work predates the sense of “thrownness” described by German philosopher Martin Heidegger.

In fact, Darío’s intensity has Romantic roots, although his prosody is firmly modernist and spare.  His willingness to explore the dual nature of the human spirit finds echoes in the work of the German Romanticists, specifically E.T.A. Hoffmann and Goethe, as well as the Russian, Feodor Doestoevsky.  From a philosophical standpoint, his work aligns quite well with the work of Schopenhauer and his work, “On Pessimism.”

To reduce Darío to a set of connections or potential affinities does not really do him justice. His verses are beautifully formed, and they contain a direct address to the reader which insists upon introspection and a willingness to feel deep emotions, particularly those of nostalgia and longing.

Four Melancholic Songs by Ruben Dario

Works of Ruben Dario

Biography of Ruben Dario

Poems by Ruben Dario

Guiding Questions:

Please read the poems by Ruben Dario and describe the way he envisions himself and his existential condition as it relates to perception, feelings, and the meaning of life?

What are some of the motifs / images that are repeated in Ruben Dario’s poetry?

What are some of the elements that you like in his poetry? How and why might his poetry “speak” to readers?

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