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Thursday, May 04, 2006

E-Learning Activity for a Multi-Cultural Environment: Ramadan Office Etiquette


Please write as many memos as you believe necessary for all your staff at all locations worldwide in which you explain the meaning of Ramadan and the need to be respectful of beliefs, customs, and practices. You are in charge of operations for a company that provides engineering services and chemicals needed for enhanced oil recovery for the oil industry.

Your company has operations and offices in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Brazil, Houston, Lafayette (Louisiana), Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, The Hague (Netherlands), London, and Baku, Azerbaijan.

Would you write the same memo for all your offices? Please draft the memo (250 words or less) that you will send and explain where each memo will go. Please explain your rationale in 250 words or less. In business memos, less is more.

What is Ramadan? What are the purposes of it?


Why do people fast during Ramadan? How long do they fast? What kinds of activities occur after sundown? What is "iftar"?

Randy's Travel Tips:

Why Muslims Fast

Ramadan on the Net:

If someone invites you to "eid," what does that mean? How is Eid al-Fitr celebrated? Should I bring gifts?

Ramadan etiquette:

Should one decorate the office for Ramadan? What are the symbols of Ramadan?

Crescent moon -- the beginning of Ramadan:

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