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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Great New Program: Turn Your Image Files Into a PowerPoint - Instantly!

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GLTImager, which I like to call the "Dog and Pony Bot," is an amazing time-saving program for anyone who has to make a presentation that includes lots of graphics. It takes your image files, and in a one-click process, populates a PowerPoint presentation. The graphic files do not have to be the kinds you'd use on a web page (jpg or gif). GLTImager is much more flexible and can use the files that engineers, scientists, doctors, nurses, health professionals, designers, architects, accountants, strategic planners, marketing consultants use in business, education, technology, medicine, and more. This program has other powerful features as well. It can organize image files, catalogue them, and either import or extract from Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Powerpoint.

For a limited time, the program is available for download. Please contact

The GLTImager is perfect for use with social networking groups and communities that share images such a Flickr (,, and Live Journal. (

Presentation for Conference or Work: You can upload all the charts and graphs that represent your unit's financial data, marketing and demographics, financial performance, human resources breakdown, and more. Create great charts and graphs, put them in a separate folder, organize them in the order you'd like them to appear in the presentation, and boom! You're in business. Expect a raise and a promotion.

Selling Your Car: Ever wish you could show more of what you're trying to sell than just a collection of flat images? Take great shots of your car, then create a powerpoint instantly. Add text, even music. You'll be amazed at how effective your presentation is.

Victoria's Wedding: If your social network community (, livejournal, yahoo360, myspace) allows sharing, you can save your new files into a separate folder, and then with one click, create a powerpoint! Here is specifically what to do if you want to send your family members a digital keepsake of your cousin Victoria's wedding. Download your cousin Victoria's wedding pictures from Flickr or Yahoo360 ( into a file folder on your desktop, hard drive, or on your flash drive, then with one click, presto! you've got a powerpoint presentation. Then, you can even write captions, add animations, and add music.

School Presentations with Stunning and Provocative Photos: Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone from YahooNews is one example. You may wish to make a presentation for your class and incorporate photojournalism and nature photography. For example, if you're doing a paper and a presentation on Nepal, or the Hindu death rituals, you may wish to use his photos from Nepal. For example, this one is of an elderly woman in Nepal who works at a crematorium. Behind her are bodies burning in a pyre.

Nepal on Flickr:

Here are features of the GLTImager program.

Features - What GLTImager currently does...
) Reads native image formats of JPG, GIF, WMF, EMF, BMP.
) Reads application COM images using Corel Draw 10 & 12, Adobe Illustrator 10, MS-Powerpoint 2000 & XP & 2003 if said applications are installed
) Has a Library of Images
) Has a Project of Images
) Create a Project from the Library
) Always creates a 200 pixel resolution image (JPG or GIF) for each image for both the Library and Project.
) Can view Image Properties
) Can import and save caches of the images at specified sizes and types
) Can set a Rotation flag (90, 180, 270 degrees) for an Image (of type JPG, BMP or GIF) in either the Library or Project and that setting is applied for each cache loaded
) Can set a Flip flag (top to bottom, left to right) for an Image (of type JPG, BMP or GIF) in either the Library or Project and that setting is applied for each cache loaded
) Internal support for exporting a Project of images to MS-Powerpoint
) Printing of an Index of images (either from Library or Project)
) Exporting a set of Images (either from Library or Project) to PDF format without use of external drivers
) Open an image (if original is available) in the image's native application
) Viewing the Library or Project of images as a multi-column list
) Viewing the Library or Project of images as a full-screen multi-column list
) Saving a Library or Project of images to a single compressed file (.GLI file) with samples and cached images (if used) for opening on other systems with GLTImager
) Opening of a GLT Imager file format to the Library or Project.
) History of opened GLT Imager (.GLI) files for the Library and Project
) Fully integrated Help System with text, images, animated images and links (requires Internet Explorer 4.0 and above to function)
) "Search for Images" capability along with advanced options for caching different versions of an image
) "Drag and Drop" capability to quickly and easily load images into the application

For a limited time, the program is available for download. Please contact The GLTImager program was developed by Andrew Slatt.
All rights reserved.

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