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Friday, August 03, 2007

You're Invited! An Elluminate Event

Every month, Elluminate has a free webinar about how our actual customers use Elluminate Live! and our free vRoom product to collaborate on really cool projects around the world. Each month, we feature a few exciting vRoom customers and speakers. This isn't a death by PowerPoint session! Come prepared to participate!

You can sign up for this month's event at: The event is live, and held online at 1pm ET on August 7 2007 at 1pm ET. You can join from a Mac or a PC or a Linux computer, and all you need is a set of speakers. If you want to talk you'll need a mic. Sign up early as seats are limited!

An iPod shuffle will be given away to a lucky participant.
If you want your own free, unlimited 3-user webconferencing vRoom, see

Here's part of the agenda for August 7th:

In our August vRoom webinar, author and eLearning expert Susan Smith Nash will explain how you can use principles of learning theory and an understanding of cognitive architecture to create first-rate, web-based presentations that are engaging, effective, and inspiring.
vRoom user Joe Donlon, a technician for Continuing Education at Confederation College , will be on hand to share how the virtual meeting room enabled a hearing-challenged student to gain independence in the classroom. We'll also be hearing from Geneva Scoville of EBUS Academy about how she's using vRoom to bring exciting live interviews wih remote guests into the classroom.

Don't miss this opportunity to maximize the use of your virtual room. Even if you attended previous vRoom sessions, you're sure to pick up a few new tips and tricks. Plus, you could be the winner of an iPod Shuffle!

You may also wish to check out an very useful new book by George Henderson and Susan Smith Nash: Excellence in College Teaching and Learning. The book is now available through Charles C. Thomas publishers.

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