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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eedo's ForceTen 5.0 Offers Streamlined E-Learning Program Development and Administration

Eedo’s ForceTen5.0 is a learning content management system designed to overcome the limitations that most encounter, and which can present problems for the typical learning organization.

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There are many LMS solutions to choose from, ranging from ones customized for higher education or K-12, or those that specialize in training and professional development e-learning. In addition to corporate solutions, there are several popular open-source solutions, which include Moodle.

Most learning management systems do at least one thing extremely well. They may have an outstanding assessment systems, or, they may integrate well with almost all possible databases. But, that’s just not enough when you’re looking at an entire learning organization.

Most learning management systems have numerous limitations. If one is shopping for an LMS, problems immediately surface.

Common LMS Problems:

1---Steep learning curve;
2---Integration problems (with legacy systems, new databases);
3---Assessment is clunky, hard-to-use, and not well-integrated;
4---Not symmetrically scalable;
5---Does not accommodate learning styles;
6---Difficult to accommodate simulations;
7---Developers have difficulty collaborating on course development;
8---Workflow in development is not intuitive or natural;
9---Quality assurance is difficult to maintain;
10---Difficult to check the progress of tasks (not critical path friendly).

ForceTen 5.0 is a learning content management system, with some features of an LMS.

Eedo, which means “enlightened path,” creates solutions to the problems listed above by developing a learning management / learning solution that address all users and stakeholders.

1---For learners: accommodating multiple learning styles; easy incorporation and utilization of simulations and media-rich content; easy collaboration in discussion board; streamlined information sharing; good learning community development.

2---For network / IT administrators: The solution is scalable in a symmetrical manner, which means that administrators can accommodate surges in users, as well as widely divergent types of instructional content, and authentication needs.

3---For course developers: ForceTen has placed a great deal of emphasis on making courses easy for instructional designers and technologists to develop. They have streamlined the process with intuitive storyboarding and developer collaborations. Further, quality assessments are easy to accomplish with collaboration tools.

4---For instructors: The interface does not require lengthy training; tools are easy to use; layout is intuitive and streamlined; content is not buried behind multiple clicks; communication with the students is facilitated; assessments are easy to develop and deploy; learning community-enhancing tools are available (video, audio, etc.); gradebooks, dropboxes, and tools are integrated for streamlining of work flow.

5---For program administrators: Shareable assessments, coordinated communication with all shells, streamlined development and deployment of course shells, easy-to-use style sheets that make institutional branding / informational / disclosure information dissemination very easy to accomplish.

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