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Friday, February 20, 2009

Virtual Sister Schools and Good Deeds Societies

Would your school like to participate in a "Sister School" program with a school in another country? One way is by setting up a "Virtual Good Deeds Society," which can help kids overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation, and to develop a spirit of kindness and cooperation, that encourages freedom of expression. The Good Deeds Societies recognize that bullying, fearfulness, self-harming, and despair often weigh kids down in our world today, and they have few strategies for bringing themselves up. Plus, it can also often be difficult to make friends, and to feel trust and true acceptance.

In a virtual Good Deeds Society, students communicate with their sister schools. It's a great opportunity for students to share ideas, get to know each others' cultures, and to get involved in outreach.

What is a Good Deeds Society?

* A club that is centered around the doing of good deeds.
* Good Deeds come in different flavors -- they are grouped in different categories, which include family, community, environment, pets, micro-finance/good stewardship, wildlife, learning and culture.
* Students can write stories about things that challenge them, and use creative writing and journaling for self-expression. They may wish to read the book, Good Deeds Society, or Klub Dobrih Dejanj.
* Students may compete in essay contests about good deeds.
* Students think of their good deeds and then they do them.
* They share the activities on their blogs and may communicate with other Good Deeds Societies in many different ways: MySpace, Facebook, Skype, Elluminate, Twitter, GoToMeeting, and webinars
*Student-centered, but sponsored by the school, with a mentor or teacher-guide.

** The limits of our imagination are the limits of our world(s).***

Who are some of the winners of Good Deeds Society essay contests? Where are the schools?

***Sodrazica, Slovenia
***Jesenice, Slovenia
***Radomljah, Slovenia
***Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
***Skocjan, Slovenia

How do I sign up? How can my school get involved?

Please send an email to Include

* Name of school
* School website
* Location
* Contact person
* Contact person's email address
* Age of students who will be involved
* Types of good deeds that come to mind when you think about what you, your group, or your school might like to do

Is there any cost?


Together, there are many things that we can do. Never forget that dreams can be accomplished, but only when there is a plan, and step by step.

Would you like to listen to chapters of Good Deeds Society?

*** Chapter 1
*** Chapter 2
*** Chapter 3a
*** Chapter 3b
*** Chapter 4

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