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Sunday, August 07, 2011

OpenPlan for Technical Training on Solar-Powered Remote Monitoring and Operations System

This OpenPlan will help you identify and develop the materials you need for training on equipment and processes. Fast-track development of technical training requires a very clear look at the "must-have" instructional elements as well as a very clear sense of learning objectives and outcomes.

For example, let's say that you would like to be able to remotely monitor and even operate your oil and gas operations.

You've selected solar panels from Kyocera that will power the equipment you need.

As you're looking at the equipment or process that you need to provide training for, it's important to identify all possible uses and applications. In this case, there are multiple uses and applications for the equipment and processes. You need to be able to monitor the pipelines (cathodic protection / corrosion control), the flow in the pipelines, data recording, and emissions, among other basic metrics. In this case, it's a solar-powered solution.

You've identified the uses and applications of the equipment and the processes. Now, you will need to clearly delineate the learning objectives and desired outcomes of your training on the solar-powered monitoring and control equipment you will be installing and using.

As you put together your learning objectives, make sure they range from lower-level Bloom's taxonomy tasks (identify and name) to tasks that require more cognitive skills, such as compare / contrast, evaluate, and plan.

Now that you've developed a clear idea of your desired outcomes, it is time to look at how you'll deliver the information. Here is a list of

Text / Brochures Text based material, in pdf for laptops, digital readers, handheld communication devices

Glossary /Key concepts Focus on “green” solutions and Kyocera solar solutions

Definitions (can be digital flashcards)

Digital Flashcards Includes diagram with basic specs; useful in the field for laptops and handhelds

Diagrams Many examples, with explanations.

Graphics Should be able to show functionality, installation, and to zoom / explode view to see the inner structures

Animation May be an animated graphic that illustrates functionality

Simulation Expensive – not necessary, but could be useful for decision-tree (when to automate, when to use green solutions)

Graphing Calculator Online to help remind the learner of the elements to include when making a decision. Include databases and geographical information system data integration as well as equipment

Hands on! Recommend at least three scenarios, which can be done by the individual learner or in a team (collaborative learning) enactment

Scenario Assessment Can review equipment / concepts / application M/C, short answer, collaborative portfolio

As you put together the course, you'll also need to make sure to incorporate interactive communication and collaboration. One of the best ways to do that is to use a discussion board, along with appropriate collaboration and communication elements:

* embedded webinar
* wikis
* blog

Finally, as you plan your online training, be sure to include a technical library which includes the kind of information your learners will need (technical specification sheets, support hotlines, forms and proposal documents / templates.

To access a downloadable OpenPlan pdf flowchart / checklist, click the link:

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