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Monday, February 27, 2012

Activities for Good Deeds Society Schools: Check the Lead School in Coweta, Oklahoma!

Look for future blog entries that will feature work from students and interviews with the lead teacher (Connie Stroup) and counselor (Shawn Alyea) from Coweta, Oklahoma.

Coweta students are jumping into action and are getting involved in projects. Here are potential individual and group projects for a Good Deeds Society, inspired by the book, Good Deeds Society.

1. Put together a scrap book of collage / texts / stories
a. Worksheet for a remembered event (OpenPlan - Good Deeds Remembered Event)
b.  Worksheet for an affirming moment (OpenPlan - Good Deeds Society Affirming Moment)
c.  Worksheet for identity construction (OpenPlan - Good Deeds Society Cool Clothes)
d.  Worksheet for polishing and revising (OpenPlan - Good Deeds Society Revision Guide)

2. Write stories in which you intersperse intrusive thoughts / overheard conversations / details of your life / fairy tale narratives, and you deliberatey avoid “making sense” of it while you’re writing it

3. Create a series of collages that feature text and images that make you think about your life and situations you’d like to make better

4. Develop a series of “Business Plans for My Utopian World”

a. Pet Rescue Center / Adoption Days (A “No-Kill Animal Shelter”)
b. Project Runway 51 – styles / creations you have assembled using thrift store and re-purposed clothing to build your own forward-looking fashion
c. Love-The-Earth Day: Pick up trash from parks / play areas / parking lots
d. Letters from Heaven (or just an unknown friend) – Anonymous letters to people who usually get nothing (people in nursing homes, shelters, homeless areas)
e. Refuge for the Teen Homeless: How to make things better? Your plan

5. Earthworks // Spiral Jetties // A Tour of the Monuments of Highway 51 (inspired by Robert Smithson) & Painting / Freshening-up Rundown Public Places Used by Kids

a. Graffiti old rusting cars (have someone allow you to graffiti an old, inoperable car)
b. Graffiti art for unrented billboards – come up with a theme and make it big
c. Pile rocks in “earthworks” – instead of “crop circles” how about “rock circles” ??
d. Alien visitation art … how would you do art that would make it appear that we are experiencing visits from crafts from alien / distant planets / galaxies?
e. Hot, Bright Paint Gardens: painting places that desperately need a freshening up … bathrooms? Changing rooms? Hallways?  Think about how to incorporate a “paint garden” if it appeals to you.

Listen to Chapters in Good Deeds Society! 

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