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Monday, March 18, 2019

Creativity and Psychological Well-Being: A Detailed Look

I came across a very interesting article that provides details about the ways in which getting involved in creative activities will help your psychological well-being. It also discusses the development of creativity and how to make yourself more resilient, particularly when going through difficult times.

Link to the podcast:

Friedman, M. B. (2014). Creativity and Psychological Well-Being. Contemporary Readings in Law and; Social Justice6(2), 39–58.

Purpose of the article:  
Look at how creativity contributes to mental health and where it can be most effective.  

Useful findings:  
Instead of holding to the stereotypical connection between madness and creativity, this article points out that creativity actually helps maintain mental health. 

Applicability of the article: 

  • Creativity involves cultivating a skill, which increases engagement and leads to a sense of accomplishment.  It satisfies needs for accomplishment, recognition, and affiliation. 
  • Artistic activities affirm and validate one’s unique identity and sense of self (and self-worth).
  • There are four dimensions of the experience of art that can help one’s mental health
  • Cultivating skill:  builds self-efficacy and confidence
  • Immersion in activity:  generates the joy and happiness; the process is almost meditative; if done with others, it meets the need for affiliation
  • Accomplishment: satisfies the need for recognition, builds sense of identity and self-efficacy
  • Connection and celebration: Makes validating and emotions-sharing connections with other people
  • Useful strategies for healing for those with anxiety, depression, and more.

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