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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Highly Recommended Web 2.0 Sites

Are you looking for ways to update your skills and your web presence, and to communicate and share information more effectively? The following websites and programs will help you get started.

My favorite part of lifehacker is the fact that it is a great gateway to free programs. Who has time to conquer all that software? No one, but still it’s fun to windowshop. If you’re overwhelmed, try narrowing the search by taking a look at lifehacker’s 2007 top choices:
web 2.0
Also included is a "most improved" list of web-based software applications. Google's gmail makes the list.

There is an excellent Lifehacker article on how to host your own domain with your own URL using free web applications:

Lifehacker recommends one of my personal favorites: Zoho web-based software.
Home of fine hypertext products. And, this is nothing short of the truth! Wonderful short, pithy links and finds, with excellent tags. Today’s discovery: a youtube video about the Apple Lisa (my first computer, along with an Apple 2e)… love it!!

Webware allows you do download very useful and intriguing web applications that are ideally suited for integration and creating mashups. There are a large number of applications, and it may be useful to skip to’s top 100.

All things Ajax. This blog provides a great overview and introduction to AJAX and combining web applications.
web 2.0

Programmable Web:
Very thorough program that focuses on Ajax applications and has a nice link to interesting mashups.

Yahoo directory:
Amazingly, still relevant (after all these years). :
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