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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rebuilding U.S. and World Economies: Science/Tech Education, Energy, Infrastructure

Transforming ourselves and our world requires us to aggressively explore new approaches to energy, infrastructure, and education. E-Learning Queen would like to acknowledge the sponsors of innovative products, services, and ideas. It requires a certain amount of courage to propose new ways of doing things, and to believe that positive change is, in fact, possible. The following companies and organizations are offering innovative products and services that take advantage of e-learning, and new web technologies.

Corgi Tail Wags -- Acknowledging Effort and Innovation to Build Our World

EDUCATION: Building Basic Skills for Future Scientists and Engineers

Brightstorm believes that great learning starts with great teaching, and is incorporating innovative video learning with real teachers. In addition to core topics for high school, Brightstorm encourages social networking and e-portfolio creation.

NEULIO: Neulio's hosted platform and patented structure allow one to easily publish multi-part, multi-format content online. Neulio’s easy-to-deploy platform makes it easy to develop and offer online training, marketing, customer support and how-to instruction in a Web 2.0 environment.

NFOMEDIA: One of the most intuitive learning management systems around. Instructors can have a course up and running in about an hour. Web 2.0 interactivity inspires creative teaching and learning. Mashups and other customized applications can be incorporated.

ELLUMINATE: Elluminate’s unique web conferencing and interactive platform enables individuals to create high-quality learning synchronous environments. The live events can be archived for ongoing access. Elluminate Live! features high-quality voice and video over the Internet, robust interactive functionality, and unique No User Left Behind™ technology that supports multiple platforms and low-bandwidth connectivity.

VIDEOKAST: Provides the expertise to help one complete projects that require specialized insight into the strategies and tactics of web-based business content hosting and distribution. Bill Hornbeck guides individuals and helps them create live executive webcasts or OnDemand links to both audio and streaming video presentations. --

WEBINAR SUCCESS: Webinar Success ( assists companies in all phases of web seminar preparation, delivery, and follow-up. Services include webinar coordination and production, promotion and marketing, presenter training, on-air moderating, and creation of on-demand lead generation presentations. Webinar Success is headquartered in North Carolina with services conducted via remote communications throughout North America.


SRE: Standard Renewable Energy can review and make recommendations to apply alternative energy to remote field locations, and to incorporate solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, residential wind turbines and geothermal energy systems. Standard was formed in 2006 to provide solutions that make energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy easy to use. A leading renewable energy company, Standard provides a comprehensive energy solution for residential and light commercial customers, which can include remote field operations. Technology and vendor agnostic, Standard provides the best of breed in products and services across the renewable energy industry.


MAVERICK SOLUTIONS: Focuses on low-impact drilling. Recycling / reusing water; protecting soil, groundwater, surface water.

BAKER PETROLITE: Baker Petrolite is a world leader in providing specialty chemical service programs to the global hydrocarbon recovery and processing industries. A division of Baker Hughes Incorporated, Baker Petrolite expert technology & service teams help producers create optimized service programs to control production issues such as hydrates, corrosion, paraffin, and scale.

CROWN GEOCHEMISTRY: Monitors of mud gas chemistry while drilling in oil and gas exploration efforts. Provides the FIT ™ DQ1000 Divining Quad ™ Mass Spectrometer. We have operated in nine different shale plays and several non-shale plays, and can provide analysis of hydrocarbons through C10, positive show identification in oil based mud, measurement of mud chemistry including Helium, Hydrogen, Sulfur Compounds, and Atmospherics (N, O, Ar, H2O), and analytical inferences related to porosity, permeability, and compartmentalization. For more information visit

ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE (Environmentally Friendly) Finding Oil and Gas Left Behind in Old Fields

NUTECH NuTech Energy Alliance Ltd. provides advanced petrophysical, geological and engineering solutions to oil & gas companies worldwide while using proprietary software and modeling processes to offer the following product lines: NuLook™, NuStim™, NuView™. Nutech has evaluated over 25,000 wells while working for more than 450 oil & gas companies worldwide. No two formations are exactly alike. NuTech’s massive database of existing wells can pinpoint sweet spots and pay zones by contrasting hundreds, if not thousands of similar formations. Possesses an active database and the experience of evaluating 25,000 wells.

GAMLS (Geologic Analysis via Maximum Likelihood System) is a PC-based package that permits integration of core and log data followed by probabilistic clustering for defining flow units, identifying lithologies, and determining porosity, permeability, water saturation, and pay. Multi-well clustering forms the basis for correlations and development of geologic models. GAMLS is particularly useful for mineralogically complex or unconventional reservoirs (such as gas shales …). Also, GAMLS is often useful for generating missing data in old fields. Modules exist for velocity and pore-pressure modeling, upscaling, and seismic recalibration. For information on licensing or service work, see: or email:

GRAILQUEST: Responding to an unfulfilled need in the oil patch, GrailQuest introduces ReservoirGrail, a revolutionary technology, to identify the amount and location of remaining hydrocarbons in your reservoirs. ReservoirGrail is designed to work on easily obtainable data to provide results in minutes.

Optimizing Production: Mobile Technologies, Green Energy

BJ SERVICES: BJ Services Company is a leading provider of pressure pumping and other oilfield services serving the petroleum industry worldwide. The Company’s pressure pumping services consist of cementing and stimulation services used in the completion of new oil and natural gas wells and in remedial work on existing wells, both onshore and offshore. Stimulation services contribute the majority of company-wide revenues and comprise fracturing, acidizing, sand control, nitrogen, coiled tubing and downhole service tools. Other oilfield services include completion tools, completion fluids, and casing and tubular services provided to the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry; commissioning and inspection services to refineries, pipelines and offshore platforms and production chemical services.

SEISMIC VENTURES: Seismic Ventures was founded in January, 1994 by one of the top technical teams in the seismic processing industry. It is a source of great company pride that all members of the founding geophysical staff are still employed with Seismic Ventures. The company was established with a philosophy of innovation, adaptability and integrity. The acceptance of our innovative technologies by the marketplace and our reputation for both scientific and operational integrity capture the principles upon which the company was founded, and continues to be the basis of our success. Seismic Ventures is a privately-owned Texas Corporation with strong community ties to the Houston Metropolitan area and Ft. Bend County .

AKER: PowerTrac® Advance™ (PTA) wireline tractor. The PTA is used for conveyance of tool-strings in highly deviated wells. In addition, the PTA Tools perform operations which previously required costly coiled tubing operations, such as milling and removal of scale, cleaning of seal bores and manipulation of sleeves and milling of defect plugs and valves.

BAIRD: Baird Petrophysical is known by many drillers as THE DRILLER’S GEOPHYSICIST. Since 1978, Baird has satisfied engineers by its attention to detail and its experienced based geological and geophysical approach to well planning.

Green Country Chemicals provides a complete line of chemical products for oil field and pipeline corrosion control. Our product line includes Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Paraffin Solvents, Emulsion Breakers, Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers, and other specialty products. Our group of "Operator Qualified" problem-solving professionals are dedicated to excellence in service and technology. Our Tank-n-Hut field storage tanks help protect the environment by preventing accidental chemical spills and our Solar Powered Chemical Pumps help reduce gas emissions. GCS Chemical Headquarters are in Oklahoma City with field offices and stock points in Oklahoma & Texas.

Increasing Communication Efficiencies

ROPER Rugged Laptops Roper Mobile Technology has a full line of Windows XP, CE or Mobile 6 handheld/tablet computers that not only simplify your business but save you time and money by keeping accurate field data stored until you choose to download that data later. No hand written documentation will need to be transcribed back in the office.

GEOTRACE: Tigress and PUMA are two of the lead programs, which assist individuals in the optimization of oil and gas production and exploration risk management. Based in Houston, Texas, Geotrace's customers include international, domestic, foreign national and independent oil and gas producers throughout the world. For more information on Geotrace, visit

SENSORTRAN: SensorTran’s intelligent DTS monitoring solutions provide real-time dynamic temperature data with high accuracy, fine resolution, and fast measurement speeds. They provide up to 40,000 discrete temperature measurement points along the complete length of optical fiber(s). DTS solutions offer an affordable, proven and reliable solution for a multitude of monitoring applications where distributed temperature information provides an invaluable insight into the condition of an asset or process. They provide for advanced warning of anomalous, local temperature events which allows for preventative action and planned maintenance as well as the optimization of processes.

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